Sonus faber enters the world of Car Audio

Ginevra 4th March 2013

Sonus faber enters the world of Car Audio and it does it through a prestigious partnership with Pagani Automobili. Sonus faber has developed an exclusive high-end audio system for the Pagani Huayra, a super-car of exceptional performance characterized by extremely high technology combined with absolutely hand crafted realization, exactly like the Musical instruments created by Sonus faber.

The opportunity to announce this marriage came at the recent 2013 edition of the Ginevra Car Show, where international press and enthusiasts were able to admire the unique beauty of the Huayra and hear the thrilling sophistication of the sound emitted by the new audio system created specifically for this model.

This result, never before reached in cars of this character, is fruit of the synergy between the technical team of Sonus faber and that of Pagani Automobili, who were able to develop a solid and efficient collaboration which will not stop at this first impressive object. The Pagani Huayra is an automobile powered by a displacement of almost 6,000, which generates 750 hp capable of pushing it over 370 km/h. Despite these prerogatives the  Huayra offers a smooth and agile ride, able to provide its driver with a strong sense of handling and safety.

A duel nature and therefore a challenge which the entire Sonus faber - Pagani technical team has successfully met and exceeded in the design and construction of the new audio system. Sonus faber has been able to transcend its experience and ability in creating systems for music reproduction in this super-car challenge, creating a new set of paradigms. The new leitmotiv is power against lightness in search of the highest possible quality. This objective imposed a series of choices which resulted in the development of new drivers:

1. Cones: new cones were developed using carbon that combine rigidity with low weight inspired by the key materials used to build the Huayra, Carbon and Titanium;

2. Magnetic Groups: only new Neodymium magnets were used for their high performance and low weight;

3. Containers: made specifically for the Huayra drivers with the same technology developed for the most extreme Sonus faber speakers, The Sonus faber and Aida. Characterized by a hybrid CNC structure avionic/gun metal and with a geometry designed to dampen resonances resulting in a perfect frame able to reproduce the cleanest possible sound.

The system designed by Sonus faber for the Pagani Huayra includes a sound amplification system able to produce 1,200 Watts and a sophisticated Digital Sound Processor (DSP) capable of creating an atmosphere where both driver and passenger can enjoy an exhilarating listening experience which is totally unique in a super-car and, in keeping with the Pagani style, can heighten passenger emotions at any time thanks to the possibility to configure the sound environment to match that of a concert hall, stadium or any other setting the owner might desire.  

Mauro Grange CEO of Sonus faber said:
“It is an honor to work with Pagani, as the Huayra is a synonym of timeless design and performance, values that Sonus faber has always held close in the design and creation of its speakers. Our engineers have faced the special and demanding requirements of a car audio system with an uncompromising attitude and we are proud to have contributed this state of the art sound system for an automotive icon."