2015, October

New member of the Homage Collection, Il Cremonese is the result of evolutionary product design, and the adaptation of technologies from the Lilium and other Sonus faber speaker projects. The name Il Cremonese is an homage to Antonio Stradivari, and one of his most famous violins, celebrating its 300th anniversary in 2015. Inspired by the shape of Lilium, Il Cremonese introduces clean lines and an elegant, minimal, and sharp design. 

2015, July

Born three years after the release of the Venere collection, Venere S(ignature) project completes the line for which its named, becoming the most advanced of all the Venere speakers.
Entirely designed and assembled by hand in Italy, the speaker ideally bridges between the Venere and Olympica product families with an electro-acoustic legacy strongly connected with the finest traditions of our brand.
For these reasons, the S of the name stands for Signature.

2015, March

With the Chameleon Collection, Sonus faber broadens its horizons to a wider audience, while keeping intact all the iconic elements that made its history; the enclosure structure covered in leather and the aluminum details.
The real innovation, which can be considered a revolution in the High End field, are the interchangeable side panels. Thanks to a system of pins that allows easy removal and replacement, it will be possible to change the finish of the speaker at any time, adapting it to furnishing or simply to the own mood!

2014, May

The 2014 edition of the Munich Hi End gives Sonus faber the opportunity for the international launch of Lilium.
Sonus faber returns, three years later, to design a new full frequency range Hi End floorstanding speaker, built around the knowledge gained through the creation of Aida. Lilium has been designed to shape those great contrasts expressed by music. It is the will of synthesis of two opposite elements: two separate identities that, although working independently one from each other, cooperate inside the same shape that refers to the organic style of the natural shapes.

2014, March

To celebrate its 30 years of history, Sonus faber pays tribute to its most iconic speaker, Extrema, presenting to the public the new Ex3ma.
Remaining perfectly adherent to the intent that characterized the birth of Extrema, the new Ex3ma is integrated with the newest technology development frontiers, electroacoustic research,  design and use of materials.

2013, September

The prestigious Sonus faber Homage line finds its completion with Homage Vox, a central channel expressly designed to match the family.
The technology and the finishes of Amati and Guarneri are implemented in this new speaker, for all the enthusiasts of Home Theater systems.

2013, May

At the Hi End Show in Munich, Sonus faber presents the world premiere of  Olympica, the new collection of speakers that marks a decisive return to the deepest company’s historical traditions.
Natural wood, leather and aluminum are the materials that characterize this line and mark the link with the past; the development of new driver  totally designed in the Sonus faber labs are a tangible sign of the evolution of the company proudly looking into the future.

2012, August

The world premiere of the new Venus line: six speakers designed to be a point of reference even beyond their own category, suitable for all markets, competitive and able to satisfy both enthusiasts of two channel listening as well as fans of multi-channel or home theatre, in the spirit of 'luxurious & fun'.


The values that were already materialized in Amati futura and Guarneri evolution find fulfilment in Aida, the latest flagship of Sonus faber, characterised by the reinterpretation of the Lyre form and an expression of the work of the Sonus faber Team, able to reveal how the company has evolved whilst keeping its original spirit intact and synthesising 'mature tradition' with 'technological innovation'.


Following are Amati futura and Guarneri evolution, the heirs to the wealth of innovation and experience of The Sonus faber. It is the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Sonus faber: the values of craftsmanship and technology remain and are indeed brought to their highest expression thanks to important innovation in design and materials that make up the speakers:  avionic nickel-plated aluminium top, cabinet in precious curved wood, handmade leather trim. The speaker reaches sound reproduction that is evocative and 'sensual' while at the same time is complete and material.


The Sonus faber, the new brand flagship, is officially presented at an event in the splendid setting of Palazzo Grassi, Venice. It is without doubt the most ambitious acoustic speaker in the history of the brand, and one that required the most investment in terms of research and development.


The company is always looking towards research and confident in the future, thus The Sonus faber project was born: it is the opportunity to invest time and resources in a result that is capable of reaching new heights and goals and become the cornerstone of the sector. Inspired by the Lyre, with impressive technological, electroacoustic and constructive content. In its development 3 international patents were developed. It is by far the most ambitious Sonus faber idea, an unequivocal  turning point and an absolute reference for the future.


The R&D department, having heard the needs of enthusiasts to have a Sonus faber of much smaller dimensions, develops the Toy range. Following this is Liuto, a point of reference for mid-level speakers without sacrificing acoustic performance and design features typical to the production house.


Sonus faber launches Elipsa, the new flagship of the Cremona series, in which we find the accumulation of experience and research from Stradivari in a smaller cabinet thus adapted to a greater number of listening environments.


The public welcomes Stradivari Homage, the new flagship whose straighter sides are more reminiscent of the violin and is the result of a 4-year-project; thanks to this third tribute the cycle of study and homage to the master violin craftsmen of Cremona is completed and solidifies the ambition to identify the audio speaker more and more as a musical instrument.


Sonus faber expands its catalogue of Musical instruments: Cremona is born, able to enhance the concept of the lute form in a family of speakers that make the installation of home theatre systems of rare elegance possible.


Further analysis of the work of the master lute makers brought forth the creation of Amati Homage (1998), the sum of all that was so far 'hand made', a concentration of Italian craftsmanship and Northern European technology  in speaker development.


Guarneri Homage (1993) follows, a result that exemplifies the in-depth studies concerning the artistic violin makers of Cremona, with a unique shape inspired by the section of a lute, still today imitated by numerous international competitors.


After Minima (1984), Electa (1986) and Electa Amator (1987) Extrema was born, one of the highest technological and musical expressions of dynamic speakers of the time.


25th March 1983, Sonus faber becomes a company; production, albeit limited to the different versions/evolutions of Parva, takes place in a small workshop in Monteviale, in the hills to the north of Vicenza: a place of work and small artisan production, but also a first point of reference for lovers of high fidelity and sector journalists, always attentive to the first stirrings of an already lively reality.


Snail Project was created: defined as an object of 'Leonardoesque design”, it is the audio speaker from which the Parva was created in 1982, the first monitor in the history of Sonus faber: 2-way, with a solid wood cabinet and one of the first in its category to use a woofer with a kevlar cone.