“The Voice of Sonus faber”

6th June, 2017

In our blog, we often talk about high end speakers from the design and technologies point of view.  But the real Sonus faber innovation is the emotion of the listening experience, which inspires and engages new and old audiophiles.  Let’s take the first step towards “The Voice of Sonus faber”.

In Sonus faber we produce some elements of the transducers, but we take care of 100% of the design of every single driver, always seeking for the naturalness of the sound reproduction. Believing that a most natural sound comes from using the most natural materials, we choose paper as the main material for the cones of our drivers, always implementing every new technological enhancement available. The preferred cellulose cone production process is based on air drying. Adding natural fibers to the cellulose mix allows a fine tuning of the sound, balancing transparency, damping and rigidity. In order to damp vibrations and to make every single cone fast and clear we use a “hidden” coating treatment, a transparent resins that we apply on the back side of the cone.
For the “cost conscious” projects we choose CURVⓇ a type of innovative thermoformed polypropylene with very high resolution capability and providing a very good micro details reproduction.
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