Il Cremonese according to Audio Video: magnificent and…

30th May, 2017

Inside the May issue of Audio Video Australia, Deon Schoeman tested our Il Cremonese high end loudspeakers, wondering if they would be able to satisfy Antonio Stradivari’s great expectations…

The author has been able to test Il Cremonese in different positions and with different music genres, registering great performances in timbre and high fidelity in every song; plus, he has noticed Il Cremonese’s organic and natural voice, which made this high end speaker particularly good at transmitting the essence of each music.

According to the author “the true magic of the Sonus faber Il Cremonese loudspeakers is an almost uncanny ability to reveal the full scope and reach of the music they are asked to translate…Always truthful, always musically satisfying and built to exceptional standards of craftsmanship, the Sonus faber Il Cremonese is a remarkable loudspeaker. Would Antonio Stradivari approve? I think so…”

Read the complete review here.