Sf16 according to Ifidelity.net

14th June, 2017

The editorial Staff of Ifidelity.net has recently reviewed our Sf16 starting from one question: can this all-in-one hi-fi system match such a detailed project with the usual top quality Sonus faber sound?

Produced in 200 units per year for the worldwide market, Sf16 has been described as “a riddle” for the technical project and nearly a divertissement for the design; it is true that assembling a Sf16 product requires a major amount of time when compared to the assembling phase of a “standard” Sonus faber high end floor standing speaker. According to the editorial staff, Sf16 is at the same time a non-conventional product and a solution that suits different kinds of systems and environments; plus, connection is easy with many systems. According to Mario Donadello, who performed the technical test, Sf16 also reassures the audiophile audience, because it remains true to the Sonus faber sound and satisfies the need of a complete all-in-one integrated system.
To read the complete review (text in German) click here.