Sonus faber Olympica Wenge III Loudspeaker

6th September, 2017

We can approach music in various ways. Sonus faber knows this very well; for more than 30 years they have been generating sound of the highest quality through hand-crafted and lovingly built loudspeakers. Vicenza knows it too, a city whose background proudly honours this historic brand. Vicenza – the city of textiles and master goldsmiths and, above all, the city ​​of Palladio... and his Teatro Olimpico – the Olympic Theatre.
Designed by an Italian genius who conceived of a highly innovative design, built with excellent workmanship and the best materials of the time; featuring wonderful acoustics that assure a unique emotional experience for every concert ... this is, ultimately, an extraordinary work of beauty. The Olympic Theatre is all of this, and all this is Sonus faber. Inspired by Palladio's work, they have now launched an entire range of new loudspeakers to honour the master architect of their city. 

Let us focus for a moment on the Olympica III loudspeaker. Just watching it stirs emotion; it is classical, its beauty evokes worship. It has natural leather finishing, a vertically oriented reflex cavity and the walnut cabinet is decorated with precious inlays. The new Wengè finish is one of the available options for the maple structure; details are in titanium-satinated aluminium that contrast and enhance the dark skin shades of the front panel. This wealth of detail is a reference in homage to those beautiful wooden speed boats, renowned crafted masterpieces in the Italian boat-building tradition. Wengè stands out as Olympica's crowning aesthetic achievement that enhances the underlying technology – because Palladio's Theatre is, at once, the apex of elegance and refined detail, but, above all, an instrument of acoustic perfection in itself. Thanks to a host of features, Olympica is its precise counterpart – from the 29 mm tweeter to the asymmetric cabinet inspired by the shapes of the lute and the lyre and designed to eliminate distortions. The bass-reflex technology ensures optimal response to all the low-medium range frequencies with articulation and extension performance that discerning ears will recognise and love. Feasting our eyes on this race of the senses, we acknowledge the acclaimed winner – the lucky owner of an Olympica speaker. Discover the new Wengè finish in the complementary video