The Voice of Sonus faber: the cabinet of the high end speakers

27th June, 2017

The cabinet of a high end speaker has to follow some criteria in order to guarantee a standardized sound performance. A Sonus faber product takes advantage of these elements that contribute to create the typical sound of our loudspeaker, The Voice of Sonus faber. How? Let’s see it.


Guarneri Tradition high end speakers according to LowBeats

June 21st, 2017

Holger Biermann from LowBeats recently reviewed the Guarneri Tradition high end speakers and at first sight he saw that they worth for much more than their external beauty.


Sf16 according to

14th June, 2017

The editorial Staff of has recently reviewed our Sf16 starting from one question: can this all-in-one hi-fi system match such a detailed project with the usual top quality Sonus faber sound?


Il Cremonese according to Audio Video: magnificent and…

30th May, 2017

Inside the May issue of Audio Video Australia, Deon Schoeman tested our Il Cremonese high end loudspeakers, wondering if they would be able to satisfy Antonio Stradivari’s great expectations…


“The Voice of Sonus faber”

6th June, 2017

In our blog, we often talk about high end speakers from the design and technologies point of view.  But the real Sonus faber innovation is the emotion of the listening experience, which inspires and engages new and old audiophiles.  Let’s take the first step towards “The Voice of Sonus faber”.


Sonus faber at Munich High End 2017: about last weekend…

23rd May, 2017

You may have seen it from the pictures online: this edition of the Munich High End 2017 has been a successful teamwork!


Sonus faber Homage Tradition according to The Absolute Sound

16th May, 2017

Julie Mullins from The Absolute Sound writes on the May/June issue her impressions, after meeting our Sonus faber Homage Tradition high end speakers during the official launch in NYC.


Our high end speakers for Munich Hi End 2017

7th May, 2017

More than 400 exhibitors from all around the world are coming back to the Munich High End 2017, one of the top European events for hi-end audio.  We could not miss it…


Venere S according to Fedeltà del Suono: squaring the circle

5th May, 2017

Alberto Guerrini from Fedeltà del Suono reviewed this month the Sonus faber Venere S high end speakers; according to the author, they are the missing piece of a complete hifi system that could connect the Venere line to the Olympica Collection.


Sonus faber at TedxVicenza: here we are!

April 26, 2017

Sonus faber is glad to take part in the third edition of TedxVicenza, which is taking place next 6th May, 2017 at Teatro Comunale.
The kermesse is dedicated to the Vis-à-Vision theme, exploring the next future to welcome it with enthusiasm and optimism. Our company strongly believes in the “Made in Italy”, and the value of people is priceless for us. That is why we will be there besides the TedxVicenza Team, during a day rich in inspiration and causes for reflection. 
Inside the Teatro Comunale, Sonus faber will be present with Pryma 0|1 headphones, the all-in-one audio system Sf16 and our high end speakers Amati Tradition, Serafino Tradition and Venere S, all in display for the attendees that will be able to hear them playing too.
We are waiting for you at TedxVicenza!
For info and tickets: