Sonus faber at Munich High End 2017: about last weekend…

23rd May, 2017

You may have seen it from the pictures online: this edition of the Munich High End 2017 has been a successful teamwork!

Munich High End 2017 has been a successful venue for us as a team and as a company, as well as the chance to get in touch with the European public and a unique way to spend some time together, outside the Headquarters.
Here’s how it went for us:

“Munich is always a great satisfaction: every year we come back and we acknowledge how much we have grown as a company and as a group. It is a test  we cannot miss, full of surprises”.

“Finally I have the chance to speak directly with journalists, partners, friends and people that I only meet online for the rest of the year: so it is a great moment for comparison, and I love to take part in it.”

“So many ideas to reflect on, things to improve, ideas that competitors still did not had: we come back and we are full of inspirations!”

“A very intense week, full of enthusiasm and teamworks: good job, guys!”.

“Good music, excellent speakers, the perfect company… could you ask for more?”

“My first time in Munich with a great company: we are a super Sonus faber Team!” (Laura)

Special thanks to Audio Reference Gmbh for the effort and for coooperation: see you soon!

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