Can music give life to something – a movement, a gesture, an emotion? If it is transmitted in its purest and most perfect form, of course. Sonus faber is convinced of it, and they’ve spent the last thirty years as a leading brand for anyone who seeks the best in sound quality with technological solutions created with passion and craftsmanship. What could express this idea better than dance? Particularly if it’s modern, fascinating and technically perfect.

With A musical daydream, Sonus faber launches their Pryma ballerina. Greta Zuccarello was born and raised in Treviso in Italy, but her extraordinary talent led her to the United States several years ago, and not just to any city. In New York City, Greta splits her time between training, shows and commercials. Not surprisingly, she’s often the face of absolute excellence: Victoria’s Secret for underwear, and Pryma and Sonus faber for high-tech audio devices and tools. In the film, Greta confirms all these qualities by producing an artistic performance of the highest level. But she’s not the only star of this natural and impulsive piece: her movement starts from the moment she puts on her Pryma, high-end headphones hand-made in Italy from the best materials, in an environment filled with Sonus faber and McIntosh equipment clearly visible in the background. This is how it becomes possible to blend music and beauty, as well as movement and life: but to capture it, we need to raise ourselves to a state of absolute excellence.  With this tender, intimate and intense dance, Greta Zuccarello is, in short, a metaphor of what Sonus faber can provide, giving music all the strength and purity that it deserves to release in us. See her perform in A musical daydream.

dancer: greta zuccarello @greta_zuccarello
director/ creative director: Brad Livingstone Black @black_tandem_
producer: David Mascioni @_mascioni, Michael Cifarelli, Steven Baillie
@areatwelve stylist: Marie Laffort @marie_laffort
hair/make up: Jackie Fanara @jackiefanara