January is traditionally the month of New Year’s resolutions and planning for new projects. At Sonus faber Headquarters and in our Design Lab, there’s already an exciting atmosphere full of new ideas: this year’s plans are all about high-end loudspeakers plus many other things!

2018 will be full of great news! We are working on an amazing new collection that will be appreciated by all hi-fi lovers and design addicts.
In addition, we’ll widen our product offerings with an increased range of loudspeaker systems to satisfy the desires of audiophiles and hi-fi enthusiasts. These new loudspeaker systems will stay true to our brand’s traditions of craftsmanship, technology and of course Made in Italy artistry.
In 2018, Sonus faber will continue to take part in the major International shows and exhibitions. This is a fundamental choice in order to keep testing ourselves and raising the level of our performances. This year’s goal is again to improve and surpass ourselves by continuing with technological development while remaining true to our roots. We are confident that these expectations will be meet in large thanks to the newcomers in the Design Lab: young and capable designers, technicians and professionals ready to experiment and innovate.

We’ll also have some other pleasant surprises for 2018 – and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Stay tuned!