Throwback to the Stereo Sound Cerimony, when Paolo Tezzon (Sonus faber R&D Manager) received the Golden Sound Award 2017 won by our floor standing loudspeaker Amati Tradition.
Here below his heartfelt speech that we are pleased to share with you!

“Each time I approach a new design like the Amati Tradition, my goal is always the same: to serve music in the most proper possible way.As a consequence, my first commitment is understanding music itself.Today I feel I have learned just a little about its relationship with sounds and silence, with time and space. When I’ll be older, I wish I would have made even more progresses and I would have penetrated the mystery behind musical inspiration.But there’s something about the essence of music which is already so clear to me and that I really would like to share with you right now: Music is one of mankind’s highest expressions because is about giving. Music is intrinsically a gift. Therefore, music is about love. I clearly recognize different shapes of love in many people that deserve gratitude today. So first a heartfelt thanks to Stereosound magazine for seriously promoting and spreading the passion for high quality home music reproduction, and particularly to the committee for recognizing the floor standing loudspeaker Amati Tradition worthy of the Golden Sound Award.  Sonus faber could have not aspired to a greater reward than the highest honor in our industry.I would also like to thank our McIntosh group’s top management – here very well represented by Charlie (Charlie Randall, McIntosh Laboratories President) and Jeff (Jeff Poggi, McIntosh Group Co-CEO) – because the quality of their job allowed this result in first place. I would like to thank Noda-san, not only for its amazing job in supporting Sonus faber brand, but also for his wise advices and his precious suggestions.
Finally, I absolutely would like to thank each of my colleagues in Italy for the passion they put every single day in their work, this prize belongs to each of them.”