After an extremely positive review of Olympica II, the Audio Review’s editorial Staff reviewed its elder sister, Olympica III, characterized by “a greater sensitivity and a deeper and more powerful low range”, according to the author.
The disassembly and analysis session of the high end floor standing loudspeaker highlighted one of the key differences of Sonus faber and of this loudspeaker: the attention to detail.Quoting Matarazzo (author of the review): “The construction is really demanding and precise and, if it reduces many internal colorations, at the same time it requires an accurate and … slow construction”.
The listening session was defined “explosive” and he praised the work of Sonus faber team that continues to renew itself effectively even after three decades, giving life to increasingly complex projects.
Last but not least, the design of the Olympica III was appreciated, its innate elegance has conquered even the female public.