2018 design trends talk about “modernicity”, a new term that means the perfect merge between contemporary and vintage styles. Indeed, it’s getting even more frequent to combine industrial design style, with natural elements like wood, with its elegance and warmth.

Moreover, the term “modernicity” relates to the concept of movement, that enhances every single piece of furniture and therefore the entire environment.

Learning these new trends, we naturally think about our Homage Tradition collection, that revamp the Italian craftsmanship tradition with a surprising design, which lead us to innovative acoustic solutions.

Homage Tradition collection is born in 2017, but it fully represents the current trend. It takes inspiration from the excellent craftsmanship of the Italian tradition, but it is able to introduce new design elements like the elegant and warm finish of Wengé wood.

Some materials that are typically linked to the vintage and retro style, are combined with different elements: for example the carbon fiber in our loudspeakers’ stand. In addition, the elegance of wood is matched with aluminum brushed with Titanium finish that characterized the base and the back of our loudspeakers.

The concept of movement is a key point, in fact the curves of the sides doubled to give these loudspeakers larger volumes and more furnishing character.

Sonus faber loudspeakers are not only musical instruments; they are true elements of acoustic furniture. Homage Tradition collection is the immediate answer for who is looking for the perfect mix between modernity and tradition, craftsmanship and design.