Since our birth we put all our efforts to offer a unique listening experience. We are looking for the ultimate sound, a natural sound that lets the listener experience the emotion of a live performance.


Violin making tradition has always been our main source of inspiration for achieving this goal. Perpetuated by the knowledge of a few skilled artisans, this craft teaches that wood is the resonant material par excellence. Used since the beginning for the creation of the finest string musical instruments, we chose the wood for the creation of the Sonus faber speakers: a natural material for a natural sound.


Thanks to its charm and its flexibility, wood satisfy our need to give our speakers an authentic voice and allows us to model Sonus faber speakers according to the most refined sound and visual requirements.

For the creation of each collection we choose the best quality wood, from Walnut essence to Spruce, from Wengé to Maple. The wood passes through a patient phase of maturation before reaching the right stage to be used in the production of the Sonus faber loudspeakers. The drawings of the wood fibers are then embellished with a painting and polishing process in the last stages of processing.


As an example of the excellence of our woods, we want to mention the Ex3ma, our 30th anniversary loudspeaker. This model’s sides, in fact, featured one of the world’s finest woods: the Red Spruce from Val di Fiemme (Trentino – Italy), still used today to produce one of the finest instruments ever, the Stradivari violin. Thanks to the strategic climate characteristic of this area, the trees grow with a unique slow and regular rhythm that guarantees the achievement of a robust and light wood, ideal for the transmission and amplification of sound.


Following the age-old experience of the master violin makers, we conceive our loudspeakers systems as real instruments of musical reproduction, giving them shapes coming from this artisan craftsmanship. The lute shape was introduced for the first time in 1993 with Guarneri Homage and over the years became the trademark Sonus faber.


Guarneri, Serafino and Amati are some of the names of the master violin makers chosen for the Homage Tradition collection with which we pay a tribute to the art of violinmaking, a source of eternal inspiration for us in Sonus faber. From this world we inherited the utmost care of the handicraft production, from the project design, to the processing of the material, to achieve our main purpose: the creation of real instruments at the service of Music.