In the ’70s the doors opened to new musical experimentations, for the first time oriented to enhance the sounds produced by the new available electronic instruments, analogical and digital. Electronic music is born, a genre of unprecedented innovative scope, which will mark and radically transform the history of music to our days.


At first Electro music was limited to a group of avant-garde musicians interested in exploring the new possibilities made available by those instruments, such as synthesizers, but it quickly evolved assuming multiple nuances. Thanks to the huge number of reproducible digital sounds and timbres, never achievable before with traditional musical instruments, the freedom in sound combination becomes limitless and gains an invaluable value.


Since the 80s, when the genre begins to obtain a lot of fans, within the same vein multiple styles emerge: from electronic pop, to house music, to techno, up to the Intelligent Dance Music in the 90s. In the new millennium French House and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) are imposed.


We offer you a selection of 10 tracks that, since 1993, traces a genre in continuous stylistic evolution. These tracks could be appreciated in all its shades, especially with your hi-end all-in-one system Sonus faber Sf16:


  1. Depeche Mode – I feel you, 1993: the British band born in Basildon (Essex) in 1980 is a pioneer of electronic-pop, a genre between electronic music and pop music that emerged in the 80s.
  2. Massive Attack – Teardrop, 1998: founders of trip hop, a music with a dreamlike atmosphere, which revolutionizes dance music by slowing down the hip-hop and house beats and alternating rap and soul, to achieve a more relaxed effect.
  3. Moby – String Electro, 2003: Pseudonym of Richard Melville Hall, an American artist of electronic music with a style full of quotes, showing influences from ambient, techno and pop instrumental music
  4. Paul Kalkbrenner – Azure, 2008: considered the king of techno music, he is a producer and a dj established in the 90s with a vast repertoire. Influenced by hip hop, rock and metal, he is known for his ability to arrange his own music and recomposed it differently to each performance.
  5. Royksopp – Vision One, 2009: norwegian band of electronic music that combines lounge music, ambient, electronic funk, dance and synth-pop. With their style, these guys respond to the tastes of a heterogeneous audience, from the electro music enthusiasts, to occasional listener, up to soul music lovers.
  6. Thievery Corporation – Web of Deception, 2011: the American duo made by Rob Garza and Eric Hilton has been able to mix many different genres: dub, bossa nova, hip-hop, acid jazz, ambient. They are authors of a soft and dreamy electronic music, perfect also as a smooth background.
  7. Murcof – Memoria, 2015: Fernando Corona is a musician, composer and music producer from Mexico with a dreamlike style. His genre is an ambient music in which silences are protagonists; the result is mix of classical and cultured electro music.
  8. The Chemical Brothers – Go, 2015: the British duo of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons is an exponent of the big beat, a style that emerged in the 90s, a synthesis of house, techno, industrial rock and electronic music, which stands out for the particular power of the beats.
  9. Moderat – The fool, 2016: a trio born from the merger of two internationally renowned musical realities: Sascha Ring, known as Apparat, and Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, the Modeselektor. Their music takes on a multiform electronic style.
  10. Bonobo – Kerala (2017): the British musician and producer Simon Green, known as Bonobo, is a reference point in the scene of contemporary electronic music. With his records, he is revolutionizing the music market and inspiring generations of producers in the field.

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