35esimo anniversario sonus faber

Summer 2018, we now halfway through this extraordinary year: thanks to a more relaxed atmosphere, this is the perfect moment take time and think how it’s going.
Sonus Faber: many events in the name of Made in Italy
The year has got off a good start, with the appointment in Tokyo at the end of January to get the Golden Sound Award 2017 won by Amati Tradition and given by the Japanese magazine Stereo Sound, as one of the most appreciated products of 2017.

February was a month dedicated to training: the Sumiko M.A.S.T.E.R.S. Training at Berkeley, among other events, was a very important moment for training and confrontation among sales force representatives.


Sonus Faber in shops and showrooms

At the same time, the presence of the brand is becoming more and more coherent, precisely in the places where the Sonus faber products can be experienced: shops and showrooms. The commitment we put in recent presentations of the latest collection Sonetto last June 21 in Kansas City and two days later in Genoa, demonstrate the effort.

More, 2018 is also the year of our distributors and dealers visit to our headquarter: Europe Audio Diffusion from France, Richcom Audio Video Group from China, Dong Thanh-Hoa Phuc from Vietnam, are just few examples. Dealers, but not only: in May a string quartet from the Orchestra del Teatro Olimpico of Vicenza played in our production department, creating an unprecedented emotional atmosphere.

The launch of Sonus faber Sonetto

Emotions are not over: in May the Munich High End Show confirmed to be one of the best “places to be” and a perfect stage for the premiere of Sonus faber Sonetto, the Collection that embodies that peculiar spirit of Made in Italy in the most “democratic” way, so far.

As of today, just two months after the launch, the Collection is already bringing good results and making us more satisfied than ever for all the efforts made to ensure production in Vicenza. The control of every single phase, the choice of materials and the continuous acoustic tests, are the key elements to guarantee the quality of our work, handmade, Italian, excellent.


Sonus Faber in the next months

How’s it hanging in Sonus faber whenever we talk about the second part of 2018, the year of our 35th anniversary?

Of course, proud and excited, given that we have some news coming up and a kind of return to the origins, from where we started 35 years ago: that’s to find out.