Summertime: seaside, sun, mountains or beautiful cities…what really matters is relax and having some quality time for yourself. Music is of course on top of the list, and podcasts are a good choice if you are looking for something new to learn.

Here there is a selection of 5 podcasts (English version) to listen to with your Sonus faber Pryma headphones.

  1. The Inquire

This podcast from BBC UK is what you need if you want to go deeper in the international news besides what Twitter is showing you. From climate change to comprehending animals, from world wars to sociology: every podcast is a heap of news, with the great quality of a BBC production.

  1. Oprah’s Master Class

Oprah is one of the international top influencers of all times, and the list of her guests  leaves no doubt: from Dwayne Johnson to Alicia Keys this program, that started only last month, promises the best for those who do not want to miss an update when it comes to celebrities.

  1. Answer Me This!

The program has more than 300 episodes and won many awards, having a simple format: listeners can ask questions about anything, and the hosts answer. With an informal tone of voice and a great comical engagement, this program is one of the most long-running ever, since the first episode has been aired in 2007.

  1. 99% invisible

Roman Mars is the mind behind this podcast that has been created by KALW public radio and American Institute of Architects in San Francisco. The goal is to investigate the invisible things and how they work. What is the origin of the Chinese fortune cookie? Why inflatable men are regular fixtures at used car lots? Podcasts are available for free download and the program, based on an independent production, is sustained by a donation system and a successful project on Kickstarter.

  1. Pick the Mind

What is a podcast if it doesn’t have a little mistery? Pick the Mind is about supernatural, conspiracy theories, natural disasters, and it searchs for a red wire that bonds them.

Often compared to Lore (available as a mini-series on Amazon Video) this podcast has a more positive and comical side, which often gets a laugh.