Sonus faber Center Channels: surround sound system
In a home theater system, the center channels are essential to achieve an excellent performance of the ensemble. They must be positioned in a mid-position compared to the main speakers, because of their leading role. While underrated, the center channel is arguably the most important speaker in a surround sound system since nearly 70% of all audio playback comes through the center channel at any given moment. It also handles the majority of vocals and dialogue in music and movies and ties all the action together across the front stage to create a palpable sense of realism.

The ideal positioning requires that a center channel is placed below the screen, in line with its axis, at the same height of the listener’s ears.


Sonus faber Center Channels: Homage Vox
During its history, Sonus faber has always completed its collections with a dedicated center channel. The only exception was the Homage collection, that has been enriched by the Homage Vox in 2013.

The 3-way horizontal loudspeaker with the iconic lute shape, designed with utmost care to every details, in which the distance between the two acoustic centers of the midranges closely mimics the distance between the two ears of the listeners to enhance intelligibility and clarity of the human voices.

The 2017 is the year of the Olympica Center, a solution designed to be the completion of the Olympica collection. The cabinet features the same asymmetric shape of the entire collection. This center channel ensures a multichannel system extremely elegant, but also with a surprising acoustic impact.


Sonus faber Center Channels: Sonetto Center I and II
The 2018 it’s time to the Sonetto Center I and II; for the first time the collection has two different center channels. Sonetto Center I is a 2 way loudspeaker system and it’s the smaller of the two models; Sonetto Center II is a 3 way horizontal loudspeaker features one tweeter, two midranges and two woofers, for an optimal lowest frequencies reproduction.

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