Some music genres mark an age, others faithfully represent our moods. Have you ever wondered what kind of music you listen to when you’re happy or when you’re sad?
A recent research from United States reveals interesting insights on musical genres and how listeners choose music based on their mood in a specific moment.
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The Family Center for Recovery for Families (FCFR) research is based on a survey conducted on over 1,400 US people; they’ve been interviewed on their musical preferences and on the connection between their mood and the songs they listen to.

Is there a music genre that, more than others, marks a generation? Is there any kind of music that accompanies us in moments of strong emotion like joy or anger?
If classical music seems to be the favorite genre for 70 years old people, it’s clear that the 90ies identify themselves with R & B and Soul, while those born in the 80ies prefer Rock genre. On average, people tend to prefer the music of their coming-of-age years.

Regarding the music genre we prefer to listen to when we have a mood, the rock music is the ultimate genre connected to anger (Metallica, Green Day, Rage Against the Machine). It’s also true that some people prefers to pass through our fit of pique listening to the Lily Allen or Taylor Swift’s pop music.
Those who turn on their hi-fi system to motivate themselves, instead, choose engaging pieces like those of Queen, or pop hits like “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake.

A fun fact: in United States, the eclectic Beatles seem a suitable choice for both people who try to cheer they up and for those who prefer to go along with their own sadness.
If you are interested to read the full research, here is the link :
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