Every time we set up a multichannel system, we don’t leave anything to chance. The only goal is to get an optimal sound reproduction.
Combining one or more subwoofers with the stereo system: this is one of the winning solutions to get a sound reproduction able to retrieve, not only the timbre, but also the spatial information of the recorded sounds.
Today we want to talk about our subwoofers Gravis, perfect to complete a Sonus faber multichannel system. After a few suggestions for positioning them, we included a focus on the Gravis V & VI’s App.


We merged our suggestions with documents and “guidelines” regarding the perfect listening provided by EBU organization (European Broadcasting Union), and we talk about how the environment’s size and shape influence the correct sound reproduction
Specifically for the LFE channel, responsible for the low frequency reproduction, we need a subwoofer that can provide at least 95 dB sound pressure levels at the listening point.
To better fill a parallelepiped environment, it would be better to use two subwoofers.

How to place our subwoofer?
Placing the subwoofers is not so strict, there’s a good level of tolerance. One or more subwoofers can be placed anywhere as long as they are far from the corners of the room. The reason is to prevent unnecessary reverberation and echo.
In larger environments, placing two or more subwoofers in a not symmetrical position (respecting the listening / viewing area) allows the reproduction of more extensive and clean low frequencies.
Long story short: these clear drawings summarize key rules:



Gravis Sub Control App: everything you need to know
The Gravis Sub Control App is available for Apple Store and Google Play and allows you to easily configure your Gravis V & VI subwoofers. You can choose among 4 presets, which depend on the listening experiences you want: Audiophile, Cinema, Night and Streaming.
Those who like to experiment new configurations for their subwoofer, will be able to calibrate the delay of the subwoofer’s response compared to other speakers that make up the system.
In order to better match your subwoofers with the system, the app also allows you to modify the cutoff frequency and the acoustical output phase for seamless integration with the main loudspeakers, as well as to calibrate the frequency response in the environment.
Those who prefer a more basic set-up can rely on the simple automatic optimization function that can be set via smartphone.
If you are thinking of buying Gravis V & VI subwoofers, inside the box you will find an easy Quick Start Guide to immediately use the application.
Several fun customization possibilities are available to engage anyone is looking for the perfect sound and an ever more engaging listening experience.