Time for Christmas preparations is come. Like any good Christmas, get ready for your ski trip! It’s never too early for ski slopes, but this year you can spend more time packing your suitcase because the Après Ski playlist is already done!

If you are dreaming of snowy winter nights in the mountains, make it magical and don’t leave anything to chance! This playlist is perfect to be listened with our Sonus faber Pryma headphones, but of course, with every kind of Hi-Fi system 🙂 .
Even if you do not move from home you can experience the mountain vibes and the winter sports’ adrenaline! With our songs’ selection from pop music, rock, to dance, everyone’s tastes will be satisfied.

Après Ski: it’s for everyone!
There are many “music” methods to relax after a day on the slopes…
The sustained pace of hits from Calvin Harris and Milky Chance are the most popular choice for the Après ski playlists, but you can enjoy them even if you don’t like ski and prefer to wait at the cabin!
Rockers and rebel skiers will appreciate a Christmas songs’ small selection, in a rock and roll edition.
The Après ski is a long-awaited moment but it always seems to go by way too fast.

Our playlist can keep you company on your trip back: all you have to do is to discover it on our official Spotify channel!