If you start the year off right, then you’re halfway there! Especially in a listening environment, that we know, by definition, it’s never “complete”.
A very meticulous research aimed at the perfect setup is the key to entertain the HiFi’s lovers.
Here we are with 5 good intentions that can help you with your choices in 2019.

The 5 resolutions for a year of high fidelity
Are you looking for a radical change of your listening experience?
Should your music space be redesigned?
Would you like to improve or complete your system?
If so, get inspiration with these good intentions!
By our side, we hope that your final choice will be, of course, a Sonus faber loudspeaker.

1. Be prepared for change: if you’re used to the sound of your home theater system, consider to change the speakers’ positioning in the room, as we suggest in this blogpost. If you have already test all the possible combinations, maybe you can start thinking about a new sound system: the Sonetto collection is the best candidate for a new start :-), simply discreet, elegant and able to adapt in any kind of listening environment.

2. Indulge your habits: if you love being always on the move and listening to music from different devices, you may feel the need to have a fast and always available connection with your music, just with one click. The powerful and compact “plug and play” solution of Sf16 is what it takes to create the perfect atmosphere in just a few seconds.

3. Go big: 2019 may be the year in which we could reward loyalty … to high fidelity, by proudly choosing a larger loudspeakers. Amati Tradition is a floorstanding loudspeaker that, together with the top of the range Il Cremonese, Lilium and Aida, offers the best technical and design solutions. Do you prefer a bookshelf solution or do you want to complete your high end system? Guarneri, Serafino and Vox (all belonging to the Tradition collection) are all excellent options.

4. Enhance the low frequencies: according to a Nielsen survey, Drake and Post Malone are among the most popular artists of the second half of 2018 and the R&B/Hip-Hop trend does not seem to stop…one more reason to make the low frequencies reproduction even more performing!
Gravis subwoofers are the ideal choice to complete a system made by the Sonetto or the Homage Collections.

5. Do not forget the tradition: if Sonus faber recalls you the first iconic models of the company’s very first years, you will be well aware of Electa Amator III, among all the purchase options. The essence of our heritage, the chest of our evolution that led us to our present, with the same natural sound that has always make us different: this is Electa Amator III.