The Home Theater Hi-Fi magazine published a great review of our Sonetto VIII: he started saying that if the Sonetto VIII were a car, it would be a Maserati Quattroporte Sports Sedan, a true example of luxury cars worldwide. But that’s not all…

Our acoustic speaker’s Review

The reason why the author made this comparison between cars and loudspeakers is that both have a very high performance level but also a high level of luxury, despite Sonetto collection belongs to the “Economy line” among the Sonus faber’s catalogue.
What impressed were the “balanced” performances demonstrated by our Sonetto VIII, in any frequency range. Compared to competitors’ similar priced products, our loudspeakers systems stand out for the precision in treble’s reproduction, for a clean sound without sounding harsh, but also for a delicate sound when the music ask for it.

High level performances: balanced at any frequency range

He spent really good words for any frequency ranges: the bass impressed him for the extension and dynamic of sound. The crossovers quality left its mark. In addition, the tweeter has been defined as balanced, without roughness or whistles in the sound, even under stress.

“The tweeter may be the most surprising driver in the Sonus faber Sonetto VIII.
Looking at the large-ish size of the tweeter, I had expected severe beaming at its upper ranges, but I heard no such thing. The tiny diffuser in front of the tweeter works a treat and the treble was clean and clear whether on axis or off.”
Referring to the sound’s details, the author mentions the response of our loudspeakers’ dynamic range.
“The detail that the Sonetto VIIIs can produce is absolutely stunning. Are the speakers as fast as, say, an electrostatic panel? Well, no – but no electrostatic I’ve ever heard can deliver the uncompressed dynamic range and slam of the Sonus faber, either. And despite the slight speed edge of the electrostatic speakers, the Sonettos are still far faster sounding than most cone-and-dome-in-a-box offerings.”

The final assessment for the Sonetto VIII floor standing loudspeakers

This is a really positive review, that also leap beyond the analytical listening, since the quality of sound reproduction seduced the author, who is committed just to enjoying the music. In any case he says:

“The Sonus faber Sonetto VIII speakers are not inexpensive, but I know of no other speaker that provides their luxurious appearance and their splendid performance” and then “Some of the most beautiful speakers to have wandered through my door”.