The 2018 marked our 35th anniversary. We keep celebrating it by sharing with you a nice review from Mono And Stereo, which contains an interesting interview with Livio Cucuzza (Sonus faber Chief Design Officer) and Paolo Tezzon (Sonus faber R & D Manager).
We hope this special “behind the scenes” (that involves not just the beautiful Electa Amator III) will interest you!

The reporter Matej Isak met Livio, Paolo and Marta Vecellio Reane (Marketing Manager) and he said “for years these three strong individuals are forming a friendly golden triangle and with the recent changes in the company, they were given a grander chance to push boundaries…this is why both Sonetto line and Electa Amator III are the results of the prolonged study of the market, brand’s direction and enormous heritage.
As the journalist Matej Isak reminds us, such a creative freedom also introduces quite a responsibility, and we are really proud to transmit the great value that this product embodies.

The final verdict of the acoustic speakers
The writer admits that doing his job is not simple, because it requires a lot of directness. However it’s certainly among the most rewarding ones, especially when the products satisfy the expectations. We are glad that our product is a refreshing surprise not only for the design but also for the sound quality, which surely arouses curiosity not only in audiophiles.

We finish with a sentence by Livio Cucuzza, which perfectly represents our philosophy:
“We designed Electa to be timeless. This way we hope it will be in conjunction with the past and the future. Sonus faber will always produce pieces like that.”