The SoundStage!Global’s interview to Livio Cucuzza was the best way to start talking about Palladio custom installation speakers, showing the backstage of the production: discover the Dean Hartley’s post.

The connection with territory and the constant effort to be true with our roots, these are the key factors for Sonus faber. That’s what Livio Cucuzza said during the interview by SoundStage!Global at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show 2019, the annual event focused primarily on custom-installation (CI) audio/video systems. Sonus faber knows where its origins and heritage and we are always very proud to show them through our products. Here again we chose “Palladio” as the collection name to pay tribute to the Vicenza based architect Andrea Palladio; but the entire project’s philosophy follows the same idea.
Our passive loudspeakers made Sonus faber recognizable, with their excellent performances and wonderful design, and now even Palladio collection inherits the concept of a high end speaker that you don’t need to hide.

“So if the customer likes to show the product, we are proud to show our technology, our drivers, our way to present the product. Everyone may have asked for invisible, but maybe because they don’t know they can have a beautiful product to show.”

<h4> From passive loudspeakers to Custom Installation speakers</h4>

As said by Livio Cucuzza, the intention has always been to match the home audio lines in terms of acoustics, and the design process has been easy and smooth and it took shape in two systems: Palladio Level V, matched with Sonetto collection, with 2 In-Wall and 4 In-Ceiling speakers and Palladio Level VI, combined with Olympica collection, with 2 In-Wall and 5 In-Ceiling speakers. Both lines boast a passive subwoofer with wooden cabinet: the PS-G101 model.
For the Level 6 the project has been much more complicated from an architecture and acoustic standpoint, to ensure the performance will be at the same level as Olympica line and its prestigious midrange.
According to Livio, ISE show was the perfect stage to launch this new collection. We waited until this year because Sonus faber had never had the opportunity to exhibit the right product until now with Palladio, a collection that hides in itself a conscious and satisfying “psychological shift”.

<h4> Custom Installation “learning by doing” </h4>

When you put this kind of product on the market, you have to start from experts’ feedback, and this is what we did: we started collecting feedbacks taken from our dealers and distributors, asking them their vision of what should be the sizes and features. And then of course we aligned them with our style and design.
This is how this project came up at the very first beginning, but in our mind the intention is to have a longer roadmap into custom installation…this is how Livio Cucuzza ended the interview:
“We really believe that we must stay open, and we understand customers are changing their needs, so we will address custom-installation speakers with our Sonus Faber way. In today’s life, more people are listening to music than in the past, so the customers are there, we just need the right products to suit a changing requirement.”