Deon Schoeman reviewed our 2-way bookshelf speakers Sonetto I: tiny, affordable, beautifully finished and cleverly engineered. Let’s go deep into the review by Audio Video magazine from South Africa.

The design
The journalist claims that the speaker is indisputably more accessible, but it still embraces the brand’s core values and it benefits from the workmanship and technology employed in dearer models. Basically he is saying that the Sonetto collection is worthy of the brand and its “Made in Italy” craftsmanship.
He noticed that the Sonetto I looks like the most compact member of the collection but offers versatile placement options thanks to its front-exiting reflex port, cleverly incorporated into the cabinet’s integral base.
The enclosure’s tapered shape addresses standing waves and the speaker can be located close to walls without any danger of the port interacting with rear walls. We loved the expression used by Deon Schoeman :”While the Sonetto I is a distinctive, beautifully executed speaker, the design is a good example of form following function”.
The Sound
The small size of the Sonetto I may suggest an equally diminutive sound, but nothing could be further from the truth. They deliver their musical wares with an enthusiasm that exposes the inherent energy and rhythm of the music to thrilling effect.
Deon Schoeman about the sound :”it’s a full, open and embracing sound with plenty of verve and excitement, but underpinned by impressive refinement, clarity and control…that again suggested something bigger than a compact two-way bookshelf speaker.”
We’d like to end exactly as Mr. Schoeman finishes his review:
“Beautifully crafted in the best Sonus faber tradition, cleverly constructed, and versatile enough to deal with anything from female vocals to full-flight electronic jazz, the Sonetto I is the kind of loudspeaker that never ceases to surprise and delight.”
Many thanks to Audio Video magazine!