The Munich High End Show 2019 has been the springboard for the new Minima Amator II, that has been officially launched at Audio Reference booth.
Our loudspeakers have been appreciated and recognized by visitors and press…we couldn’t be more satisfied!

Minima Amator II: because there is no future without a past.

The new Sonus faber creation is the restatement of a fundamental product first introduced in 1992.
Together with Electa Amator III (in the booth at the show as well) it gives life to the Sonus faber Heritage collection, designed to pay homage to the tradition and the history of the brand.
Quoting the words of our Chief Design Livio Cucuzza: “The success of Electa Amator III confirms that our customers love our history, as we do. Our roots and the people who contribute to make us great deserve to be celebrated once again.”
To read the entire review click here: Soundstage!Global.

In our booth there were also our Il Cremonese speakers that performed with Audio Research Reference electronics.
To enriched the room: a playing pair of Lilium loudspeakers matched with Dan D’Agostino electronics and, showed in a passive display, some models of the Sonetto collection with the subwoofer Gravis VI.
We showed also the Palladio Level 6, that had its official debut at ISE show 2019 last February (let’s remind that Palladio collection will be available in September).

To top it off, our Aida were the protagonist at Zensati high end cables booth, while the Amati Tradition shined in Esoteric room.

Future projects?

The Munich High End show is still one of the most important international trade show and this year it has been a special moment of sharing for us, a time to spend with all our distributors and the entire Sonus faber team.