Martin Colloms reviews the Sonetto VIII high end loudspeakers in terms of both sound performance and design.

The result is very positive!

 Physical presence and attention to detail

At first, the design is what impressed the most the author of Hfi Critic.

The Sonetto VIII speakers are divine, with or without magnetic grilles,  and their lute shape make them slim and elegant.

The relationship between low, medium and bass frequencies is balanced and clean.

Quoting the author: ” The sound is powerful, almost explosive, imbued with character, and with a bass line that can thoroughly shake the room…”.

The design was highly appreciated, once again for the attention to details: the shape, the finishes, the accessories have fully satisfied the author Martin Colloms.


The quality of a well reproduced sound

The sound emission of the five speakers is smooth and homogeneous, so listening is engaging and intense throughout the environment.

Sonetto VIII achieved the “HiFi Critic Recommended” award, and this is the author’s closing sentence: “This is a lot of Italian made Sonus faber floor standing loudspeaker for the money. It’s superbly finished, powerful, capable, with extended frequency response, deep bass and the ability to drive large rooms.”