diffusori acustici high end

Edgar Kramer from the online magazine SoundStage! Australia reviewed the Electa Amator III high-end loudspeakers.

EAIII: the third-gen version of its 1987 great-grandparent

The author tested the 2-way loudspeakers system and had the chance to ask some questions to Livio Cucuzza and Paolo Tezzon (respectively, Chief Design Officer and R&D Manager)

Here below an amazing quote from the review. We can read the complete here.

“You just know, in your brain and heart, when you are in the presence of pure beauty. Yes, some things are beautiful to varying degrees, provoking a spectrum of subjective quantifications. But true, pure beauty, as indescribable by mere language as it is, is universally known. On a basic instinctive level. And for me, after hastily unboxing the new Electa Amator III speakers from Italian audio artisan Sonus faber… well, my senses knew instinctively that I was looking at the purest of designs…”