Ken Kessler from Hi-Fi News reviewed our Electa Amator III in the June issue and according to him these loudspeakers represent “a blessed return to the values on which Sonus faber was founded”.

 They seem small at first, but once you get them set…

Their small dimensions can deceive you for a short time, the one required to set and install them in the environment (the author drived them with the D’Agostino Momentum Stereo).

Mr. Kessler was surprised by the power and the details level of the speakers despite their size and he said “it’s a Chihuahua demonstrating the forcefulness of a Mastiff”.

Performance of a star player

The author describes the Electa Amator III loudspeakers as ” the best he has ever heard from the brand since the original Guarneri “, recognizing that Sonus faber achieves the goal: reproducing music so convincingly that the listener is transported. Bravissimo!”

The complete review and the lab test are available here.