End of summer, time to plan the next music purchases and to select a new list of vinyl with the best songs, which are going to become the perfect soundtrack for autumn with your high end loudspeakers.

Top trending artists and unforgettable evergreen songs: here’s our selection.


7 vinyl to listen to with your Sonus faber high end loudspeakers:

1. When we all fall asleep where do we go (Billie Eilish)
A trend of the moment, she intrigued and enchanted thanks to her mysterious voice and the use of synth as a co-star in her songs; you may find a LP that glows in the dark, if you are looking for a special listening experience on your high end loudspeakers.

2. Rumours (Fleetwood Mac)
In 1977, when it was launched, this album stayed in the top 10 for 10 weeks; today it is in Top 15, demonstrating how classics never really go out of fashion.

3. Legacy (David Bowie)
The complete testimony of a unique and very rich career, in 180g of collectible vinyl.

4. Anima (Thom Yorke)
The Vinyl Factory states that a month ago, inside the London Underground vehicles, some strange advertising appeared: “Do you have troubles remembering your dreams?”.
The double LP, released on the 19th of July, is the right one to buy for those who love to stay up to date.

5. Gallipoli (Beirut)
Zach Condon’s Farfisa organ is back! This album has been registered in Gallipoli, during an intense month: how much did the Salento coast inspire the realization of this new album?

6. Assume Form (James Blake)
The fourth album by Blake features artists such as Andre 3000 and Rosalìa; according to The Guardian it is a “big, glitchy, swooning declaration of love”.

7. Bohemian Rhapsody OST
One of the bestsellers ever, it sold this year on vinyl at least 15.700 copies, making the Queen phenomenon a true reference for the youngest generations.