Since we launched the Olympica Nova collection last September we have focused a lot on its aesthetic evolution. Now we want to dedicate space to the electro-acoustic technologies and solutions that enhance the newborn…Some of them have been inherited, others have been improved and more are completely new.


Tiny but strong: TWEETER

The 28mm silk dome diaphragm tweeter features the DAD™ technology (Damped Apex Dome) and a magnetic motor system that integrates “Neodymium Cap Design”. 

What have been redesigned are the arch and the ring of the DAD™ system, now obtained from a solid piece of aluminum die-cast.


Keyword, Naturalness. MIDRANGE AND MIDWOOFER

The midrange and mid-woofer transducers are derived from those used in the Homage Tradition collection with evolutionary improvements.

Following the traditional Sonus faber structure, the Cone is made by an air-dried, non-pressed blend of cellulose pulp and natural fibers, Kapok and Kenaf. This construction gives the cone a slightly rough surface of varying density, which reduces resonance, guaranteeing a natural sound with increased transparency and detail.

The Die-Cast Aluminum Basket is designed to allow maximum rigidity and airflow, enhancing detail.

The Moving Coil is made with CCAW (Copper Clad Aluminum Winding), a special copper alloy that reduces moving mass and improves dynamics and power handling.

At the end, the Phase Plug is made of aluminum with a copper ring, helping to eliminate intermodulation distortion and enhance micro-dynamics.


An original recipe: WOOFER

The woofer features a cone that benefits from an exclusive sandwich construction technique where two sheets of cellulose pulp encasing a hi-tech syntactic foam.

This low-mass, high-rigidity structure provides fast and powerful sound reproduction while allowing total coherence with the mid-high units.


The heart of our loudspeakers: CROSSOVER

The cross-over network implements Paracross Topology™, making it less sensitive to radio-frequency interference, improving transient response and lowering noise floor.

The filtering topology of the entire line features new exclusive Clarity Cap capacitors, customized for Sonus faber.