During the UK Hi-Fi Show Live 2019 Dough Schneider interviewed Paolo Tezzon (Chief of R&D acoustic) and together they talked about the Olympica Nova collection, between inspiration and innovation.

Stunning but also…
Quoting Doug Schneider “That’s not surprising, because Sonus faber makes some of the best-looking speakers on the planet. That’s definitely true of the Olympica Novas — they look stunning. But in the last ten years, I’ve noticed that the sound quality of Sonus Faber speakers has steadily crept upwards, to the point now that they’re often praised as much for their sound as their looks. “

Innovations and their specific importance
Getting the right tonal balance was relatively easy because the Sonus faber sound has been consistent and identified across the brand’s lines. For this specific line the company had to improve features like the transparency, speed, and articulation of sound.

“In the Nova series, what were your goals?”
Acoustically, we wanted to make the Olympica Nova as close as possible in performance to the Homage Tradition line. From this very high-performance range of speakers we took inspiration for the cabinet structure, drivers and crossover network.

Paolo told us also that he has a favorite model in the line.

Read the full interview here.