Chris Thomas tested our latest loudspeakers Olympica Nova I. He focused on the aesthetic and then he spent golden words on the design. Thank you!

Fabulously elegant and “user-friendly”

The cabinet is a thing of beauty. They are very smooth looking. Olympica Nova I speakers but actually the entire Olympica Nova collection, carry on the Sonus faber ultra-stylish ltalian design.

The reasons to buy stand mounted speakers are their size, their speed and details. They could be a valid alternative to the floor standing speakers, that are more room dominant. According to Thomas, all of these features have been confirmed in the Sonus faber Olympica Nova I.

Smooth and detailed sound with superb driver integration and much more

“The Olympica Nova I is one of those speakers that you can listen to for hours and hours without fatigue. They took a couple of days to come on song but when they did, they promptly disappeared.”

We close the blogpost at best with this quote by the author Chris Thomas:

“Visually I think the Nova 1 is stunning and is quite superbly finished with every small detail being delicately and tastefully executed.”

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