Home decor magazines and lifestyle websites all agree that 2020 is the year to achieve goals and realize dreams of the previous year: comfort and simplicity, with a special focus on relationships between people and environments.

Which implications these trends will have on the way we’ll live home and the way we enjoy our music?



ITALIANBARK is the Italian online magazine where to scout for the latest interior trends, for design news and amazing homes and much more. Recently it published an article about the exhibition “Home Futures”, a collaboration between Design Museum and Ikea Museum, to answer this question: what happened to the future? This exhibition tells the history of radical domestic visions and compares them with today’s reality.

Technology has evolved so much that it has radically changed the way we live today. We are more nomadic than ever, and we use apps that allow us to share everything. How did the concept of “traditional home” evolve? According to “Home Futures”, there are 6 modern living trends for 2020…If you are curious to discover more, read here!



In 2019 Marie Kondo has given a new meaning to the word “decluttering” that is still true for 2020. Each item serves a purpose to bring joy and prosperity to your life and helps to make your home more comfortable especially during moments of leisure and entertainment.

In 2020 the concept is the same…if you want to have a look to future spaces read the article by the online design magazine Clever.

Home is the focus for so many different activities with one common thread: less anxiety and stress, more design aligned with health, wellness and sustainability. Here the full article by the Los Angeles Times.



How do you get comfort and functionality when we it comes to high fidelity and loudspeakers systems?

You can re-organize your music thanks to app like Roon, a suite that allows you to create an integrated music library starting from audio files stored in your computer, in cloud, in iTunes library or in music streaming platforms like Tidal.

Its main strength is to look at your music and finds photos, bios, reviews, lyrics, and concert dates, and makes connections between you and artists. It identifies your favorite musical genre and suggests you a similar one or the dates of a live performances.

You can browse and play music with Roon apps on all your devices – Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices for a multi-room music experience.


If you want to discover more on technical aspects of Roon app, stay tuned!