Alan Sircom talked about our Electa Amator III stand-mount loudspeaker, between inspiration and innovation. He starts from a key point: copying slavishly the past risks damaging both the present and past reputation. Fortunately, he said that Sonus faber didn’t simply copy their famous speaker of old, but created a product that pays tribute to that past without pastiche.

Great high-end speaker, both visually and sonically
There is a refinement to the midrange and upper registers that brings out the richness and nature of voices and acoustic instruments.
Like its predecessors, the Electa Amator III has a charming and warm sound, extremely large but always right-sized. He wrote:” the Sonus faber occupies the best of both worlds; a stereo image that is almost coming from a tiny point-source, coupled with the sort of scale and bass depth that makes you think of big floorstanders”.
Sircom appreciated the 28mm (1,1in) silk dome tweeter, characterized by the DAD™ (Damped Apex Dome) technology, this time connected to the tweeter by three points instead of two, to hark back to the originals.
Moreover, he well welcomed the 180mm (7in) mid-woofer, specifically developed for this project and made of the classic cellulose pulp cone.

Quoting the author: “The sound is detailed, dynamic, has a beautifully-constructed soundstage, and best of all sounds bloody lovely when playing music, which is kind of the point of a pair of loudspeakers. They say beauty is only skin deep; Sonus faber’s Electa Amator III begs to differ. It’s as lovely on the inside as it is on the outside.”

The complete review is available here.