Diffusori Sonetto Collection

Robert Archer is the author of this great review of Sonetto collection speakers on page 58 of the latest issue of CE Pro magazine. At first, he confesses, he’s never been a Sonus faber fan, but thanks to this collection, he is happy to say he was wrong!

Is our Sonetto collection a candidate to be among the best speakers for a home theater system?

Talking about Sonetto loudspeakers

The author tested a 5.1 home theater sound system consisting of Sonetto III, Sonetto I with stand, Sonetto Center I and Sonetto Wall. Rounding out the system, the Gravis II subwoofer took care of the lower frequencies.

Some considerations

They are easy to install! In total, in a couple of hours he unpacked, set up and fully installed the multichannel Sonus faber speaker system.

The collective speakers showcased a detailed and transparent sound, able to reveal new “feelings” even when you listen to the most well-known songs. Driver arrays create a seamless, timbre-matched, immersive soundfield.

According to the author, Sonetto loudspeakers can give strength and energy to musical genres that are very different from classical music. Those who don’t know much about Sonus faber brand have the impression that these loudspeakers seemed more designed for classical music listening than other genres and home theater. After using Sonetto speakers he said: “I was wrong: Sonus faber can indeed rock and do so at a high level!”.

The Design is “that something extra”. The Italian design elegance should complement just about any home design also because the Sonetto collection is available in a choice of wood, white and black finishes.

Quoting the author “The Sonetto products are exceptionally engineered, they provide elegant looks, and the line meets a range of music and home theater demands.”

Travelling from a stereo system to a complete home theater speaker system

Enriching a living room with a 5.1 home theater system (five loudspeakers and one subwoofer), may seem like a very complex and unknown task.

We like to think that the path to the final goal is as satisfying and fun as the arrival. Choosing a home theater speakers system means, first of all, going on a journey to the knowledge of your tastes, which are in continuous evolution.

Maybe you started with just two speakers for a stereo listening system (right and left channels) and now you are looking for a more immersive sound: a subwoofer could be the very first step to enrich the impact of any sound message that could be a film or a song.

Maybe you are looking for nicer, clearer dialog that complemented the action…in that case, completing your sound system with a center channel speaker is the right solution.

Or again, you may feel the need to expand the sound scene by being completely immersed in it, especially when you are watching movies with great soundtracks: adding a pair of speakers behind you is the step that will allow you to achieve this point!