“In the home, a Sonus Faber speaker was not meant to disappear aesthetically. It was meant to be more sculpture than furniture, more art than an appliance.”

Jules Coleman enhances the Sonus faber speakers “visual” identity made recognizable over time thanks to their iconic Italian design and research for sound perfection.


Coleman said that he has had mammoth speakers in the room that were unable to energize it and then he had much smaller ones which, properly set up and with appropriate associated equipment, were capable of lighting a firestorm of musical energy.

Though visually imposing the Il Cremonese managed to disappear as a source. The soundstage it produced varied with the recording as appropriate.

Sonus faber’s Il Cremonese are among the handful of most convincing loudspeakers he has ever heard and this is something we are very proud of.

Coleman’s conclusions:

“There was a seamlessness to the presentation that was especially bewitching. Many speakers speak different languages throughout the audible spectrum: heavy bass, dynamic mid-bass, articulate midrange, ephemeral highs. It’s a continuum of course but it is rare to find a speaker that speaks with one voice and in one language throughout the frequency range and across the musical spectrum. The last speaker I heard that had this trait was the Sound Lab 845, which I rate as among the greatest audio achievements of the past ten years. The Il Cremonese share this extraordinary characteristic.”


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