Olimpyca Nova III

Gian Piero Matarazzo reviews our Olympica Nova III loudspeakers, underlining a great and substantial improvement in all components. He talked about the past with a glance at the future – “Much less boasted miracles and much more technique that results in a performance very similar to the first generation of Sonus faber, the most well-sounding one ”.



The well-detailed technical analysis highlights the Sonus faber achievement in having designed a very high-quality product aimed at reducing internal resonances and colorations.

According to the author, in addition to the accurate observations on Olympica Nova III’s cabinet and midrange, a note of credit goes to the study of the design of a new crossover filter – the heart of the system – aimed at improving listening performance dusting off that design philosophy from a few years ago in Sonus faber.


Listening Experience

“The Carmina Burana Choir is exactly where it should be, just like the orchestra, slightly ahead. The comprehensibility of the Choir is remarkable, even the orchestral plan, despite the very high-volume, it does not intimidate the loudspeakers at all, so much so that the comprehensibility of the choir remains unchanged “.


Matarazzo’s conclusions

“I am satisfied, yes, I am really satisfied. I like the new path that Sonus faber has taken. Much less boasted miracles and much more technique… ”


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