Olympica Nova V

Our Olympica Nova Vs have been reviewed by hi-fi news and the author Andrew Everard appreciated their elegant and refined design and their iconic lute shape, highlighting the added value of Made in Italy. This aspect makes us particularly proud. He didn’t appreciate just the design; the Olympica Nova Vs have been tested and the results are exciting.



Excellent quality materials and craftsmanship, these are the elements that complete the design of the Sonus faber loudspeakers, the Olympica Nova Vs are a piece of furniture with an extraordinary character. These are Everard’s words:

“Our pictures hardly do it justice, but with its combination of real wood, high-quality metal and Italian leather (of course), the Olympica Nova V is constructed to a standard likely to put most other domestic items to shame. But then Sonus faber has long been known for speakers as easy on the eye as they are on the ear.”



They tested the Olympica Nova Vs on various tracks, touching many different musical genres and countless nuances of sound.

Andrew Everard starts from our tagline: “a concentration of power and quality that allows complete enjoyment of our natural sound, with no compromise” …and he confirms it!

“Yes, it is definitely big and rich-sounding, with masses of orchestral scale and very sonorous solo piano, and for those who judge the success of a big speaker on its ability to deliver warmth and a room-filling sound, there’ll be little to complain about here.”

“In tandem with this weight and smoothness, the Nova V prefers to paint a broad and colorful canvas of sound rather than deliver a surgically penetrating insight into the depths of a musical mix.”

“Once again, these are speakers that wrap you in the music, nice and cosy, rather than invite you over for an evening of technical introspection.”



“As if to match their luxurious build and finish, the Olympica Nova 5s deliver a very cultured, almost velvety view of the music, likely to impress with their sheer scale and lack of any obvious sonic nasties. In so doing they may relinquish a little of the sparkle and character that some listeners might seek, but these big Novas will never offend. For a grand sound without tears, make an appointment with the Nova Vs.”


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