Daily well-being for 60 thousand years

For about 60 thousand years we have been able to enjoy the extraordinary powers enclosed in the succession of 7 notes, a universal language that connects people: Music. This combination of melodies in harmony makes people feel emotions and feelings that otherwise would be unspoken, fills out the happiest moments and keeps us company in difficult and painful moments.

Music brings up memories, makes every moment unique, is good for soul and body.

It has been proven that music’s effects increase out physical and psychic wellbeing.

It is increasingly common to listen to music in operating rooms, in waiting rooms but also at malls to stimulate consumers to buy. Long story short, music is everywhere.


The power of Music

Daniel J. Levitin, professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at McGill University in Montreal, published numerous researches on the role of music in our mental and physical health and the results are brilliant.

  • It reduces anxiety
    Music’s vibrations stimulate the production of oxytocin, an important hormone for happiness and feeling of relaxation.
  • It strengthens the immune system
    Studies have shown that listening to music increases the production of immunoglobulin A, one of our most important antibodies. Moreover, a significant increase in lymphocytes was also detected.
  • It has an anti-stress effect
    Classical music is the most effective genre, but the reaction is very subjective. Lot of people find relaxing techno music or even rock music.
  • It makes feelings comprehension easier
    Musical notes recharge us and reconnect us with our inner self and with the most intimate part of our soul. Music allows you to understand emotions and feelings of other people by activating the so-called mirror neurons. In a nutshell music opens us to the world.



  • Height
    The higher is the sound, the more tension it generates, on the contrary, lower sounds generate relaxation.
  • Intensity
    A louder sound has an energizing power, a weaker one is more relaxing.
  • Rhythm
    A regular rhythm has a stabilizing effect.
  • Pace of execution
    A slow pace creates a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, conversely, a fast pace gives a more exciting sensation.


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