Sonetto V, Sonus faber

Jim Milton reviewed our Sonetto V speakers on Home Theater HiFi and he appreciated every detail, from the typical lute shape to the clear and detailed sound. An affordable made in Italy jewel.



Italian spirit is one of the key elements of these loudspeakers, Jim Milton highlights the materials and their particular shape: “True to their Italian heritage, they artistically meld wood, leather, and metal in a lute shaped cabinet that comes in natural walnut, gloss white or gloss black and wengè (a dark wood) finishes. The distinctive shape is designed to remove parallel surfaces thus reducing internal resonance. The striking leather top has the logo hot branded onto it with a border of hand stitching.”

Even the small details make the difference and enhance the product’s design: “The 150 mm mid also sports an “Sf” logo on the phase plug. Both 180 mm woofers are made from an aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm that allows for fast, tight bass. All drivers have an aluminum, polished ring along the outside edge that gives them a distinctive, unified look.”



The listening test was a success, Jim Milton was pleasantly surprised by their rich bass reproduction even when the volume goes up, without using a subwoofer: “The bass was also noticeably tight, too. Classical pipe organ music had definition and weight to it, without being muddy or undefined.”

Moreover, he wrote: “The clarity of the human voice, the weight of the bass, and the overall construction and aesthetics of the Sonetto Vs reminded me of why we enjoy this hobby so much.”

Sonetto Vs proved their qualities when tested with Symphonie No 3 : “Besides making the hair stand up on your arms, the sound from the Sonetto Vs captured the ambiance and details from the piece.”

Even with electronic music they gave a unique performance: “The Sonettos were able to produce the funky bass tracks with a precision that made me think I had accidentally turned on my home theater surround sound speakers. The music extended far to the right and left of the speakers and some sounds felt like they were emanating behind me. Some of the bass notes on these tracks are ridiculously low…and yet amazing!”

These are just some of the positive comments on our refined Sonetto V loudspeakers.



“I realize that aesthetics is not needed to showcase a sound system, but having beautifully designed speakers will not hurt with the wife acceptance factor. The Sonetto Vs look and sound expensive, yet they are more affordable for music lovers looking to up their game. They display an ideal combination of design and function that helps make the music more emotionally engaging. “

We are very proud and glad that Sonetto V has been appreciated for both the design details and sound qualities. The perfect sound is the spark that moves our world, moving the listener is our most wanted goal.


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