Minima Amator II, Sonus faber

Robb Report defined Minima Amator II as: “a jewel box of a loudspeaker certain to appeal to listeners with a passion for fine woodworking and exceptional sound.”

The completely Italian design and development has been particularly appreciated.

Another distinctive element is the use of precious materials such as: walnut wood, black leather and elegant brass inserts.

Robert Ross highlighted the history behind Minima Amator II using Paolo Tezzon’s words: “When we decided to celebrate our 35th anniversary with a speaker inspired by the first-generation monitors, I thought it would be nice to strictly reinterpret that [original] approach, but using today’s transducers and measurement tools. ”

Among Minima Amator II’s technical features he wrote: ” Complementing the gently rounded corners of the thick wood enclosure and surrounding the two drivers is a complex front baffle with angled edges, thus eliminating dispersion anomalies inherent in many flat-baffle designs. As a bass reflex design, the rear of the cabinet incorporates a bass port, while two pair of substantial brass binding posts make the Minima Amator II suitable for bi-wiring, attesting to its serious performance potential.”.

To conclude, a special mention to the real Carrara marble base: ” Serious listeners will definitely opt for the available stands with white Carrera marble bases, which allow the loudspeakers to be positioned at the ideal height and into the room for optimum fidelity and the most accurate musical presentation.”

Minima Amator II is the synthesis between past and present, which combines the shapes of the past with today’s technology.

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