Lumina III

Jay Garrett reviewed our Lumina III on Stereonet.


Jay Garrett has been immediately impressed by the new Lumina line and even if its shape is different from our classic curved one, its clean lines is still really attractive: “Well, the elegant curves of the higher collections are replaced by right-angles, but this is a company that would not allow a product to leave the workshop looking anything less than molto bello.”.


Despite the affordable price, Lumina III, the floor stand model, does not lose the main electroacoustic solutions that characterized Sonus faber medium ranges’ models: “It features the Italian brand’s custom drivers throughout, including a 29mm high definition DAD design with a Kurtmueller hand-coated soft silk diaphragm, as seen in the Sonetto. Also borrowed from the more expensive speaker is the 150mm cone midrange driver, with an ultra-free compression basket. This features a custom diaphragm made from air-dried cellulose pulp and other natural fibres. Not something you’d generally expect from an entry-level loudspeaker, but there you go.”.


In addition to the DADTM technology and the natural fibers of the midrange, Garrett appreciated the fast and deep bass performance that makes Lumina really engaging: “…what really pleased me was its innate sense of fun. It was bouncy and supple, capturing the rhythms of this seminal seventies rock track. It would have been easy to load this speaker with bass that plumbed the depths, but instead, it’s been given a bottom end that’s all about speed and tactility. “.


The conclusion is absolutely positive, indeed our Lumina IIIs won the Applause Award. “Factor in the design’s attention to detail – something that Sonus faber is renowned for – and it’s hard not to like at the price. So, if you’re looking for a loudspeaker from a prestige brand that retains its style but not its price tag, then go and listen to this.”.


We never expected Lumina to be this successful. For us it represents an overcome challenge thanks to a careful study of shapes and proportions…stay tuned because some interesting news are coming!


Meanwhile, you can read the full review here.