Olympica Nova II

Our Olympica Nova IIs have been reviewed by Myron Ho on Home Theater Review: here we are.

Myron appreciated the aesthetic, the quality of the materials, the Damped Apex DomeTM tweeter, the cabinet assembled using eight layers of bended wood and the classic elastic string grilles, iconic to the Sonus faber brand.

He wrote: ” In handling the pair, the first thing I noticed was the quality and sturdiness of their construction. Exemplified by the hand-finished, natural-wood front baffle to the aluminum casing holding the cabinet together that dovetails into a fanned port at the back of the speaker.”

The aluminum particularly impressed the author because it combines beauty and functionality: ” The supports were completely redesigned in this series, using solid aluminum bottom plates and sitting on steel spikes for extra sturdiness and stability. Everything about the design signals class and refinement, especially the fine stiches of Italian leather, hand applied around the rings of the woofers. ”

Beside the aesthetic, what about the sound? Our Olympica Nova IIs gave their best during the listening tests.

“What stood out especially were some of the lines with violin and cello solos, which were rendered masterfully with a rich, full bloom. On the high end, the DADTM tweeters made some of the score’s repetitive scraping noises sound natural, and with an astonishingly high degree of clarity. ”

The voices are also clear and defined, whether male or female: “The Sonus faber speakers performed with similar aplomb with regards to all other female and male vocal material I threw at it.”

Sonus faber, however, is not just listening to music, their speakers can be positioned in a Home Theater setting to fully enjoy the home cinema experience: “As expected, the Olympica Nova II speakers masterfully reproduced Vanya’s violin solos, and dialogue was as natural as can be. Gunfire, explosions, and high-octane action were all presented with great clarity”. Versatility is a distinctive feature of this collection.

Myron’s conclusions are more than just a suggestion, they are a real declaration of love:

“There’s a lot to love with the Sonus faber Olympica Nova II. With its detailed highs and rich, full midrange, vocals and acoustic music were picture perfect. For two-channel music listening, especially if your tastes lean toward classical, jazz, vocals, or other instrumentals, the Olympica Nova II is almost unrivaled at this price point… I do not hesitate to recommend the Sonus faber Olympica Nova II speakers. ”

Versatility, attention to details and multifaceted performance, these are the ingredients that characterize the Olympica Nova collection.

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