Olympica Nova

Our Olympica Nova IIIs reviewed by Stereoplay.

A journey into sound and design.


“Right now the beauty and elegance of the Sonus faber flashes. Soft, full, wonderfully spatial. Everything breathes. You also have to allow/feel sadness. Then it becomes a total work of art. If I got weak, I would have ordered the Olympica Nova III for my private listening room already. Music is played here, at world level.”


Extraordinary performance with any kind of music:” Do you need the big amplifier? Nope. A fine tube stage is sufficient. It’s even better. Anyone who hears heavy metal through this loudspeaker is lost to the humanistic world anyway. But a little dynamic fire is allowed. How about Amy Macdonald and her new album? No compressor has stretched the dynamics to a uniform level. There really is something to discover. It’s great how the guitar strings creep up from left and right. And again the Sonus faber makes everything flash up beautifully. No show of strength, just elegance and light sense. That all hits my ideal sound incredibly perfectly. I am already saving. You can treat yourself to a loudspeaker like this in a decade at most. So I calculated: 365 days a year, ten years = this sound costs 3.20 € a day. That would not be the milk maid’s bill, but the one of “Hans in luck“.

(remark: Hans in luck is an old German fairytale, where the guy has literally not much at the end, but is very, very pleased 😊 )”.


The world of Olympica Nova III is a fascinating fact: ”…This speaker creates an entire world. He can do anything.”


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