Electa Amator III

Home Theater Hi FI talks about our Electa Amator III. From shipping packaging to the sound, this speaker amazed everyone, and the design is a unique experience both for the eyes and the touch.

Electa Amator III didn’t disappoint the expectations:” The highs were delivered with an ever so slight sweetness to them but came through with astounding realism without ever showing any hints of harshness or grain. I could listen at high levels for hours without a bit of strain or fatigue.”

Todd Cooperider appreciated the width of the audio spectrum:” Not only did the Sonus faber Electa Amator III have the ability to impress at the far ends of the audio spectrum, but they also did in the mids as well with female voices.”

A real love story comes from Tracy Strom:” I had just experienced one of the planet’s purest and most beautiful forms of audio reproduction… Give yourself permission to consider them an acquisition of art.”

Gary Young also praised the performances:” I listened to a wide range of music, jazz, R&B, rock, country, classical, choral, and blues. Whatever your musical preference, these speakers will not disappoint”.

In conclusion, Electa Amator III embodies the power of a great loudspeaker, the design and all the love of the Italian craftsmanship tradition. We are happy that our values can be found in each of our products.

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