Maxima Amator - Soundstage!Ultra

The Maxima Amator project was in the air for a long time and during the first months of 2020 a spark kicks off the design of this new speaker belonging to the Heritage family, as explained by our Chief Design Officer Livio Cucuzza to Hans Wetzel from Sound Stage Ultra:

“The Maxima project was really a way for us to escape from the terrible news about the virus. I wanted to challenge the team to work on something that reflects our personal wishes without any deadline or business plan. “

The choice of materials and their manufacturing are the result of a daily quest for excellence:

“…Like the Electa Amator III, the Maxima’s front and rear panels are clad in soft leather, and the cabinet itself is fashioned not from MDF but from solid walnut. The finish is exquisite, with a rich matte grain, and the gaps between panels are barely visible. “

In Maxima Amator we decided to “open a window” that allows the listener to see through the technology behind this project:

“…Around back is one of the cooler features I’ve seen on a loudspeaker: a window that lets you leer at that IFF crossover. High-quality components from Mundorf and ClarityCap stare back, and binding posts of gold-tinted brass poke through, surrounded by Roman script stating, among other things, the unit’s serial number and that it’s made in Italy.”

The listening of Maxima Amator didn’t disappoint:

“On first listen, the Maxima Amator sounded similar but not identical to its little brother. It was punchy in the midbass, if with less weight than the EAIII. There was also greater low-end extension, which loaded my room in a more satisfying fashion.”

In conclusion, Maxima Amator is appreciated both for its sound and for its design, the skillful use of materials, and for its soul: 100% Sonus faber:

“This is an artisanal loudspeaker. The marriage of so many materials—solid walnut, leather, brass, marble—into such an evocative form gives the Sonus faber a presence and a gravitas that are difficult to describe.”

“The Heritage Collection Maxima Amator is a pure distillation of what Sonus faber is all about: beautiful objects that re-create beautiful music.”

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