Sonus faber was born with the aim to elevate the authentic tradition of craftsmanship and to enrich people’s lives with a complete sensory experience.  

For us, among the aspects to take care of when developing a new speaker the design is one of the most important thing.

Sight and hearing merge together. Their connection leaves an unforgettable mark in everyone and takes the listener into a world of long-lasting tradition, Italian culture, and craftsmanship.

Design is not just beauty; design is looking to strike the perfect balance of shapes, materials, and functions. It must be unique and characteristic, and it is always ready to face change without losing its soul.

The choices of the Sonus faber design department lead the development of every project; from the careful selection of precious materials to the enhancement of shapes that serve the sound, to the meticulous care of fine finishes.

Design means much more. It’s the essential duality of Lilium, characterized by two separates acoustic chambers; it’s the “silent case” of Aida, the dual waved curvature that increases structural strength and guarantees the management of the inner energy produced by the drivers; it’s the Rhomboidal Diamond Design of Il Cremonese, the 5 sides cabinet that optimizes the structural solidity of the wooden cabinet with a unique diamond shape.

The design in Sonus faber is a never-ending process, it’s the driving force for every new project and some of these are already taking shape.