Sound effects from other worlds, dynamism, deep bass, pace, and adrenaline without giving up powerful feelings. Our new suggested movie to test your home theater is Avengers, Endgame.

The latest chapter of the Avengers saga takes us on a journey full of adventures and emotions also from the soundtrack point of view.

We listened to the audio system featuring Palladio PL-664 model as the center channel, Olympica Nova V as front channel and the subwoofer Gravis III. The room has turned into a real cinema.

The soundtrack composed by Alan Silvestri is a journey that offers an extremely wide variety orchestral flavours, the strings have a strong presence, the winds highlight the solemnity of the composition and the entire soundtrack is a balance between nostalgia and epic nature.

A journey into an amazing world where you can feel like a real superhero!

You just have to test your audio system with this wonderful film.

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